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We are no longer printing toilet paper but we do have other options for you!
For printed toilet paper - JustTP
For Hilarious gag gifts (and some printed TP) - Check out Prankplace!

I print CUSTOM rolls of toilet paper. This means I can print any picture you send me. Your boss, your ex, your current partner, best friend or worst enemy, can all be printed on a roll of toilet paper.

My rolls are for display only, not actual use. I print the first few revolutions of each roll and then shrink wrap your roll to keep it safe for many years. Custom printed toilet paper makes a great gag gift. Order your toilet paper today!

You may also like Decorative Toilet Paper, this site has some funny rolls and cool designs, and the ENTIRE roll is printed, and safe for wiping with.

I have featured some toilet paper rolls below but you can also find toilet paper from the menu to the left, or above.

Do you think printed toilet paper is funny? Buy a roll or share this site with the tools below.

Barack Obama Toilet Paper

You can order this product here - Barack Obama Toilet Paper

1st Anniversary Love Toilet Paper

This is a hilarious roll for any anniversary, or birthday. This is also a very unique 1st Anniversary "Paper anniversary gift" or a good Valentines day gift.

1st anniversary gift
1st AnniversaryToilet Paper

You can order this roll here - 1st Anniversary Toilet Paper

Sudoku Toilet Paper

This is a hilarious roll of sudoku toilet paper. Try not to spend to much time in the bathroom as this game is addictive!

Sudoku Toilet Paper
Sudoku Toilet Paper


Newest Roll - Twilight Toilet Papertwilight toilet paper

Get it here -> Twilight Toilet Paper


$100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

This Money toilet paper is only for the truly fly!

100 dollar bill toilet paper
Order this roll here - Money Toilet Paper


Chuck Norris Toilet Paper

Chuck Norris toilet paper is rough, tough, and don't take CRAP from no one! And you can get it right here on Jeremyinc.com

chuck norris toilet paper
Chuck Norris Toilet Paper - Order here

New Page - Toilet Mug

Toilet Paper Over or Under